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Handcrafted, small batch branding and web design that is uniquely you.

How we roll


The craft beer in a cool glass, the locally roasted espresso with organic beans, and the small business down the street that knows you by name. This is how we conduct our business; high quality, small batch branding and web design that is uniquely you.

We help driven entrepreneurs build brands that represent the soul and dedication inherent in their work. And because a brand goes beyond a logo, we focus on complete branding packages that create a cohesive experience. From the first hello over cocktails to a deeper relationship online – everything works to craft a seamless experience for your clients. What we do here isn’t cookie cutter, and doesn’t come from a template – these are made-to-measure solutions that are influenced by your raw passion and the value that you bring to the marketplace.

One thing about our studio – it fits in a suitcase. We appreciate the power of the internet that allows like-minded individuals to connect around the world, and that’s why we’ve chosen to take our business on the road with us. Regardless of where we may be geographically, you can always find us in an indie coffee shop getting some serious work done.

We're Full Service

From logo design to web development, we've got you covered

Your time is your most valuable resource and we believe it should be spent doing what you do best (not fussing over typeface selection and css). Leave that stuff to us. Not only will you be infinitely less stressed, but you’ll have a professional and cohesive brand identify that fits you and your business to a tee.

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Creative identities for creative folks

We’re suckers for minimalism; clean lines, ample white space and just the right amount of colour. You won’t find watercolour textures or calligraphy here (sorry), but if sans-serif typefaces and black and white simplicity get you excited, we’ll get along quite nicely. But enough talk, see for yourself.

Behind the Scenes

Mike and Brittni Rogers Suited Brand Lab


With a professional background in marketing and project management, Mike brings organized chaos and a well-projected voice to the team. Mike does the heavy lifting in the web department, keeping accessibility, compatibility and usability top of mind on screen and behind the scenes. While lacking sufficient years to support this claim, he still thinks that things “aren’t made like they used to be,” and has a strong appreciation for all things retro and vintage. When not mashing keys on a keyboard, he’s usually out rolling around on a four-wheeled piece of wood or indulging in an 8-bit video game until game over.


The gatekeeper of good taste, Brittni brings with her a dedication to thoughtful, no-fuss design. Trained in communications and graphic design, Brittni possesses the professional chops to back her creative flair. She prefers - nay, demands - that everything look as stellar as it does in her mind before it goes out the door, even if it drives Mike crazy. A conscious believer in sustainable minimalism, her most valued possessions include a stainless steel tiffin, reusable chopsticks, and a glass water bottle. Her small stature hides a powerful personality who takes pride in her work, and is never satisfied with the easy way out.

We’re not your average design team; find out why and follow our adventure